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    When discussing Continuing Professional Education, the comment we often hear is . . . "It's a necessary evil."
    We couldn't disagree more!

    Advising clients and preparing tax documents are significantly impacted by things like

    • Tax Changes
    • Court Rulings
    • Revenue Bulletins
    • Compliance Changes
    As a TPC Member you benefit from our 30 years of experience offering CPE as we connect you with companies that stand out in content, delivery, and price!

    Each provides information-packed, professionally delivered content at reasonable prices, and their education is delivered by practicing professionals who, not only understand the challenges you face each day, but provide valuable consultation on how to incorporate it into the services you provide.

    TPC's Education Partners

    As a TPC Member you also benefit from periodic Webinars!

    Hosted with our vendor partners, and you also receive timely updates when those breaking tax changes hit late in the year.

  • TPC Provides Our Members With the Information and Updates They Need to Stay Ahead

    In this profession, information can be the difference between gaining or losing clients. If you don't have a system that consistently keeps you updated, you can't seize opportunities. With tools like the TPC Newsletter we keep you informed and on top!

    The TPC Bi-Weekly E-Newsletter

    • Keeps you updated on all federal tax and healthcare news.
    • Provides detailed insights into what new information means to you and your clients.
    • It advises you on how to seize the opportunities your competitors may be overlooking.

    Your $35 TPC membership insures you get timely and accurate news, as well as the advice on how to make money on that valuable information.

    As a recent example, the new Affordable Care Act has opened many doors of opportunity for tax professionals, and Tax Preparer Connections has outlined ways to offer new consulting services that generate non-tax season revenues. We've shown clients how to implement identity theft, college planning, and financial planning, and other valuable specialty services that also generate valuable revenues.

    See for yourself what you will find in our newsletters!
  • TPC has the Tools to Effectively Grow Your Practice and Diversify its Services.

    As national tax preparation franchises and do-it-yourself tax prep software steal 1040 market share, it is VITAL that small practitioners like yourself diversify and expand services so you generate income in multiple ways. Think about how the big box pharmacies systematically destroyed the independent, neighborhood pharmacist.

    The same thing is happening in tax preparation with one big difference:

    Those big box franchises have no interest in offering specialty services!

    TPC was established to help ambitious practitioners like yourself diversify and grow to insure your business generates optimum revenues and brings maximum resale value.

    We provide avenues for our members to diversify beyond 1040 tax preperation by adding services like:

    Expanding Accounting

    Financial Planning
    Tax Consulting & Representation
    We provide our members with provide timely white papers, webinars, and tutorials that show you where markets are spawning and/or expanding, and how you can successfully tap them.
    Our partnership with DIY Practice Sales insures you can grow your business through acquisition or sell at optimum value WITHOUT paying high broker fees. Our archives contain valuable "how-to's" that give you the information you need to make wise decisions on expanding services.

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AICPA Sues to Stop IRS Annual Filing Season Program

July 16, 2014 — The AICPA has filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia seeking to stop the IRS’s Annual Filing Season Program tax preparer program on the grounds that the IRS does not…
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Fast Forward Unveils AFSP Course

Big Compliance Benefits for Just $99! by Jon Hayes, Tax Preparer Connections As promised in our last issue, Fast Forward Academy, our valued vendor specializing in helping you pass IRS credentialing exams, has published the new 2015 IRS Annual…
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Important Healthcare Updates

Subsidy Ruling Could Further Delay Employer Mandate By Andrea Davis, HIX Exchange July 23, 2014 — Two court rulings issued this week taking opposing views on the legality of subsidies granted to individuals who enroll in the public health care…
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Tax News for July 25, 2014

Court Invalidates Contingent Fee Section of Circular 230 Guidance on Verifying Social Security Numbers IRS Releases August Interest Rates Taxpayer Advocate Report Highlights Priorities ‘Bona Fide’ Test for S Corp Shareholder Indebtedness Update on Truncated Taxpayer Identification Numbers IRS Releases…
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